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authFullName_s : Rémi Charrel

2020 taxonomic update for phylum Negarnaviricota (Riboviria: Orthornavirae), including the large orders Bunyavirales and Mononegavirales

Jens Kuhn , Scott Adkins , Daniela Alioto , Sergey Alkhovsky , Gaya Amarasinghe , et al.
Archives of Virology, 2020, 165 (12), pp.3023-3072. ⟨10.1007/s00705-020-04731-2⟩
Journal articles pasteur-03112959v1
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Seroprevalence of hepatitis E virus among blood donors on Corsica, France, 2017

Lisandru Capai , Nathanaël Hoze , Jacques Chiaroni , Sylvie Gross , Rachid Djoudi , et al.
Eurosurveillance, 2020, 25 (5), pp.1-9. ⟨10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2020.25.5.1900336⟩
Journal articles hal-02493954v1
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Access and benefit-sharing by the European Virus Archive in response to COVID-19

Scarlett Sett , Carolina dos Santos Ribeiro , Christine Prat , George Haringhuizen , Amber Hartman Scholz , et al.
The Lancet Microbe, 2022, 3 (4), pp.e316-e323. ⟨10.1016/s2666-5247(21)00211-1⟩
Journal articles pasteur-03915037v1
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Possibility and Challenges of Conversion of Current Virus Species Names to Linnaean Binomials

Thomas S. Postler , Anna N. Clawson , Gaya K. Amarasinghe , Christopher F. Basler , Sbina Bavari , et al.
Systematic Biology, 2017, 66 (3), pp.463-473. ⟨10.1093/sysbio/syw096⟩
Journal articles hal-01917839v1
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Clinical and Virological Factors Associated with Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Patients with Acute Respiratory Infection: A Two-Year Prospective Study in General Practice Medicine

Laetitia Minodier , Shirley Masse , Lisandru Capai , Thierry Blanchon , Pierre-Emmanuel Ceccaldi , et al.
BMC Infectious Diseases, 2017, 17 (1), pp.729. ⟨10.1186/s12879-017-2823-9⟩
Journal articles hal-03846549v1

The Importance of Biobanking for Response to Pandemics Caused by Emerging Viruses: The European Virus Archive As an Observatory of the Global Response to the Zika Virus and COVID-19 Crisis

Eva Zika Workgroup , C Baronti , P Lieutaud , M Bardsley , De Lamballerie X , et al.
Biopreservation and Biobanking, 2020, 18 (6), pp.561-569. ⟨10.1089/bio.2020.0119⟩
Journal articles pasteur-04098841v1
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Strengthening the Interaction of the Virology Community with the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) by Linking Virus Names and Their Abbreviations to Virus Species

Charles H. Calisher , Thomas Briese , J. Rodney Brister , Rémi Charrel , Ralf Dürrwald , et al.
Systematic Biology, 2019, 68 (5), pp.828-839. ⟨10.1093/sysbio/syy087⟩
Journal articles pasteur-01977321v1